"Minorityle Dysfunction" is one of several Moon Man songs that use the beat from "Erectyle Dysfunction" by Pink Guy (a persona of Filthy Frank). This version was produced by Excalibur624. It appears on the remix compilation album More Than One Way to Skin a Nigger.

Lyrics Edit

I'm a spiritual lyrical individual Spiritual lyrical lyrical individual Spiritual lyrical individual Real hip-hop And don't you ever forget it And it's the White boy that said it

I be lynching a nigger standing real bigger Pulling the trigger being all rigor Sucking like a chigger Put 'em in holes like a digger

All spooks be begging for mercy Meanwhile, they're human Hersheys I'm all in for some controversy They don't know they ain't worthy

Eating your mama's wrecked pussy Those nigger kilts being all bushy Sometimes all wet and mushy Ripe White cunts tasting so juicy

Don't think you can get through me 'Cause I'll sting your ass like a bee Killing these colors makes me glee Breaking their necks and snapping their knees

Kikes don't got some common sense Too stingy to spend a few cents Bodies trembling and minds are tense While I hang their corpses on the fence

Make sure to watch your backs 'Cause I be swinging y'all with an axe OG nigger killer to the max That's just some fun little facts

All these fucking sombrero burros Most spics are just super-zeros Votes for the border should just be vetoed They ain't any better than their egos

Why couldn't the spic cross the border? Because their ass was kicked back to Mexico As soon as they got there Now sit your ass back in the chair

I be driving my new car Across the street to the bar See a nigger smoking a cigar You can say that's real bizarre

But whatever I just pull the gun lever And make sure he's down forever Just proves I'm real clever

So don't fuck with the Triple K Or we'll make you drop down and pray We'll lynch you and make your body lay Killing these minorities all day

Just my type of thing 'Cause the Moonman's the Triple King Leading a group of White offspring The master race is gonna spring

The lynch mobs are on the loose They're gonna drink some fresh kike juice Spics and spooks got no excuse We ain't gonna give them a truce

'Cause colored bitches ain't people Their presence is simply illegal This is Moonman signing off Telling you sandniggers to fuck off