<tr> <th>Occupation</th> <td>Retired</td> </tr><tr> <th>Status</th> <td>Present; regular</td> </tr><tr> <th>Residence</th> <td>Shieldinch</td> </tr>
River City character
Molly O'Hara<tr> <th>Portrayed by</th> <td>Una McLean</td> </tr><tr> <th>Duration</th> <td>2009-</td> </tr>

Molly O'Hara is a fictional character in the BBC Scotland soap opera River City, played by Una McLean.

Character Creation & DevelopmentEdit





Molly recently came back to Shieldinch after finding out her son had left her to stand on his own two feet, but she eventually manipulated him and took him back home. However, Scarlett vowed never to give up, and so a few weeks later she decided to find him a job, which failed, yet he managed to get a job as a janitor at the community centre. Molly was furious after finding out Bob would be moving to Shieldinch, and so she came to the town herself, telling everyone she had been pushed out of her scooter and she was hurt, needing someone to look after her. Eventually, Bob saw what she was really like when himself and Scarlett found footage of her trashing the community centre, first seen by Eileen Donachie, and Molly was arrested. But, it was decided by the police that Molly would have to stay with Scarlett and her family. Molly also began causing more trouble when moving in with Bob and Deek, when she spiked Stella's juice after knowing she had a drink problem, but Deek thought Stella had done it herself, so he chucked her out, not realising until Bob found the vodka bottles under Molly's bed, after Stella had been trying to prove her innocence.

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