Template:Infobox Football biography Monday Bandele is a fictional footballer who appeared on the British. He spoke like a bbaby and said " an a gursent" drama Dream Team, about the equally fictitious Harchester United. He is played by Louis Decosta Johnson.

Monday Bandale was first mentioned in Series 4 of dream team as manager at the time, Ray Wyatt believed that the African player was a good fit for the team and that he would slot in well. Ray told this to Linda Block but it was overheard by Victoria Baptiste who went to Prashant Dattani, who was trying to one-up Linda and announced the signing as his own but the deal failed to go through and Prash looked like a fool. Linda and Ray went to Paris to try and convince Monday to join the team, however his agent was less than happy with them turning up announced. Ray and Linda found out that Monday's agent had been double-crossing him and when Monday found out he sacked his agent and Jeff Stein signed him up.

When Monday finally made it to Harchester he was arrested as he didn't have a valid work permit, Jeff accompanied by daughter Tashtook Monday to Dublin to try and sort out a Visa. While waiting at the hotel Tash struck up a conversation with one of the maids named Siobhan who was bored with her life and Tash convinced her to marry Monday so he would be valid for U.K. citzernship. Back at the club, Monday alienates several of the players by first taking Scott Lucas' position in the team and then winding up several players who find out that he makes more money than him. Meanwhile Monday's fiancee turns up and finds out about Siobhan, she eventually leaves Monday and he and Siobhan embark on a romance setting off for a trip to Nigeria and sharing their first ksis as man and wife.

At the beginning of Season Five, Monday returns from Nigeria injured in a friendly match and finds out that Siobhan has left him and turns to Tash for comfort. Monday also starts to vye for the management position alongside [[David Spears] as they take turns in the role of manager it is clear that they have very different views in the way the club should be run and all the players are unsure of who they want to be manager. Eventually Monday decides that he should concentrate on playing and David takes over the management role but when David quits, Monday becomes manager.

Meanwhile Monday and Tash are becoming closer as he confides in her that she is everything he is looking for in a woman, and when she moves out of her house after rowing with husband Jamie, the two spend the night together however Tash realises that she still loves Jamie and that doesn't love Monday in the same way. Jamie later finds out that Tash cheated on him, then there is further controversy when she finds out she is pregnant but is unsure who the father is. When Monday finds out he asks Tash to go for a paternity test but she says if the baby is his she will terminate the pregnancy eventually she goes for the test and finds out that the baby is Jamie's. Monday briefly finds love in the form of Andre Belanov's estranged wife Anouke although eventually she goes back to France leaving Monday heartbroken.

Lynda and Monday also go on the hunt for new players and Monday's old friend Curtis Alexander tells Monday that he is willing to sign for the club if Monday agrees to sign his brother Linton as well. This later turns out to be a ploy and Curtis never intended to sign for the club, he only wanted to find somewhere for the now past his prime, Linton to play. After this Lynda decides that Monday needs help running the club and she hires Sky Sports commentator and former footballer Andy Gray as Director of Football. Gray takes up this position briefly but when he leaves Lynda decides that Monday isn't the right choice for manager and employs Patrick Doyle instead. When Monday gets into a fight with Andre, Patrick gets Monday to speak to football psychologist Gemma McKenzie who tries to get to the route of Monday's problems. They begin to get closer and start a romance, Monday unaware that Gemma is actually Patrick's lover. At the end of the season Monday is unable to attend the Champion's League final and as the coach speeds away Tash goes into labour but as he rings Jamie to tell him the news the coach crashes, leaving Jamie with amnesia.

At the start of Series Six, Monday is annoyed by the fact that Patrick has now signed Curtis Alexander. New owner Phil Wallis decides he wants Scott Lucas back at the club and the only way to do this is sell Monday who is currently the most valuable player. Patrick, who currently has a bet for the team to be relegated decides to sabotage the Scott Lucas deal and make sure that Monday's transfer with Galatasaray S.K. goes through leaving the team a striker down. Patrick gives Monday a touching going away party in which everyone praises him for the contribution he's made to the club. His last act at Harchester is to give his boots to Clyde Connelly, who at present was in the youth team but later became a star player in his own right.

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