"Money, Guns, Respect" is a Moon Man song produced by Real Lyncher and released to youtube on December 11, 2015. It appears as a hidden track after "Dropping Bombs On Them" on KKK-Unit. The backing track used in the song is from the Grand Theft Auto series. This track had a working title of "CJ", named after a GTA main character.

Lyrics Edit

Hello you fucking crackers, Moonman's here and he's ready, so fear Gas jews, kill nigs, shoot spics In my town niggers die by six Capping everybody that looks like shit You niggers can suck this moon dick I'm blasting your brain like a real G Stay in shape: cap a nig, shoot a spic Slap a feminazi hoe with a stick I got money, guns, respect I'm like a sex machine I grilled a jew and his poor hygiene Watch yo back when I'm back in da hood, cuz I'mma cap your ass for good Unloading my shells at KFC Jump up, spray a gun until they realize I'm all triple K It seems like I'm on impossible mission To lynch a black it's like a tradition I need no permission to put a nigger into bad condition I'm living my life like I'm on a combat mission It's dangerous to be outside When the Moonman is on triple K side Now I got to find my ride I'm with bitches on my side I'm known world-wide And I don't give a shit about those niggers that just died Haters, come outside, or else I'll bury you alive Yeah, 2K 15, remember who's the real G, Moonman signing off.

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