"Moon King" is a Moon Man song produced by TexasRez. It is a remix of "Ramen King" by Pink Guy. It originally appeared on the KKK EP during Moon Man's classic era, and it was later added to the Notorious KKK mixtape.

Sun Man and Audrina Patridge are antagonists in the song.

Lyrics Edit

Yeah That's a sick-ass beat Moonman here Repping the KKK

Crack a nigger's skull open And throw his brains in a pan And cook it on a nonstick pan How do you like your brains? Scrambled? Okay Let me add a spic's touch Of flavoring to it Now that tastes so fucking good Want a taste?

[Sunman] Moonman, you are so fucking racist No wonder why all the girls want to resist you Martin Luther King did not dream a world Full of racist crackers like you You better stop Or else I'ma bust your chops And throw you in the gutter Nutter-butter flood in my cutter To make another But why do I even bother Talk a walker fapper killer Fuck you Moonman I'm so mad I can't even rap straight

Rap straight Fuck the gays Fuck the spics Fuck 'em up the dick I fucking swear, nigger You don't even make any sense at all Oh wait, that's right All spics and niggers don't make any cents or dollars Because they are minorities And Whites are the supreme race of mankind

[Audrina] Moonman, what are you doing Rapping about cooking nigger brains is so dumb No wonder why your mixtape isn't #1 I hope you fall to your death It would be so much fun Fuck you Moonman I think this rap is done

Hold up bitch I ain't finished rapping I need to serve a fresh plate of nigger brains And I better get to tasting I think I might open a restaurant And name it the Moonman Cafe And its slogan will be "All Hail the KKK" We would serve nigger body parts all night and day We would also have a sign that reads "All niggers go away"

Yeah Moonman out bitches KKK, KKK, KKK, KKK KKK, KK, KK

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