Malcolm "Moon Man" Night is an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur. He made his debut in 2007 with the racist hip hop hits "Got Money in the Bank" and "Crank Dat", and is known best for his 2009 single, "Notorious KKK".

Biography Edit

As detailed in his hit song on the MAGA album, The Moon Never Sets, Malcolm was the "son" of Nazi and Confederate Agent Zyklon Ben Garrison. As an immortal moon person, Moon Man was called to the planet to help exterminate all non whites. When he arrived, however, he was not aware of this, and got work at McDonalds. His boss was a nigger named Leroy "Sun Man" Washington, who treated him badly. Nevertheless, Malcolm had great success in his personal and professional lives. One day, however, McDonalds was sued by a filthy shekel grubbing jew. The lawsuit caused McDonalds to fire Moon Man, and he lost his money. Wandering the streets, he was set upon by a gang of baboons and beaten. Before the robbery was complete, however, the niggers were shot by Farkle. He gave Moon Man his signature AK-47, and told him to join the Ku Klux Klan, which he did. It was around this time he released the hit single Notorious KKK. After this he quickly rose to the leader of the Triple K Mafia. Nowadays he spends his time rapping and browsing /pol/, protecting white america.

It is known that this is not the only Moon Man. Some aspects carry through the lunar cycle. Earlier versions of Moon Man were in the second Ku Klux Klan, and fought with the Nazis in WW2. It is around this time he became friends with Cloud Man and Star Man.

Personal Life Edit

Relationships Edit

Moon Man has had sexual intercourse with feminist Anita Sarkeesian. This lead to a feud with Moon Man ending it via killing her. Moon Man has also had a short lived relationship with Audrina Patridge, however it was ended, although Moon Man has stated in his songs that the two keep a sexual relationship.

Moon Man is also known to remain in contact with Sun Man. This may be because he is also an immortal, but more likely it is because Moon Man uses him to keep his cotton fields.

Moon Man is good friends with other white supremacists such as Ben Garrison, Dylann Roof, and Anders Brevik. They collaborated together on Straight Outta Ferguson.

Legal disputes Edit

Moon Man's first altercation with the law occured when he assassinated Abraham Lincoln in 1865, since then he has largely stayed clean as local law enforcement generally cooperates with his negro killing activities and wide-scale lynching,viewing them as a method of crime prevention.

Since 2007 Moon Man has become well known for suing African Americans for stealing his content and dubbing over their own lyrics due to how talentless and low IQ they are. The most prominent and well publicized case was in 2009 when Notorious B.I.G was accused of plagiarizing the beat from Moon Man's popular song "Notorious KKK" and rebranding it as his own rap, "Hypnotize" without giving proper credit. Due the the high presence of liberal judges in the Trial no definitive settlement was given. This enraged Moon Man causing him to murder Notorious B.I.G and kill his entire family in an alcohol fueled rampage. Since this law-suit failed countless other Black rappers began plagiarizing from Moon Man but he has continued to take the law into his own hands.

Discography Edit

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