"Moon Man Admits That SJWs Aren't All That Bad" is a skit that was recorded in 2015, produced by Mac Yesterday. In it, Moon Man presents listeners with a list of positive attributes of SJWs. The skit appears as an interlude on Singles: Volume 5.

Lyrics Edit

Hey guys, Moon Man here and today I am going to praise the SJWs.

Now you may be thinking, "But Moonman, why? Why would you praise a group that doesn't want you to have a White utopia?"

Good question my cracker comrades. Here's why I would praise those crybully faggots.

1. They encourage niggers to riot, and that makes people realize that negroes are all ooga-booga spearchucking chimps.

2. Their brightly colored hair makes them an easy target.

3. Importing thousands of mudslimes into White nations lets me go on a sandnigger-killing spree, without going into their shitty desert nations.

4. Women who are proud to be sluts will always suck my massive mooncock and let me rape their loose cunts.

5. Their love of illegal immigrants gives me a lot of slaves.

6. They love communism, so Star Man gets to spend all day every day killing commies at universities.

7. They're all fat and love it so I get a lot of business at my McDonalds.

I forgot to mention, it's always fun to shoot trannies in their dicks, and SJWs have given me more trannies to shoot.

See? They may not want me to have my pure straight White and cis utopia, but they do have some upsides. But the KKK shall always be superior.