"Moon Man Calls Sun Man For Help Against Charles Moonington" is a skit that was recorded in 2015, produced by UmfuldReturns. In it, Moon Man calls Sun Man from jail and requests help in his feud with the so-called Enligsh Moon Man, Charles Moonington. Sun Man then calls the Moonington residence and threatens Moonington's woman.

Moon Man also starts to ask Sun Man for help against Farkle, the YTMND user who produced "Notorious KKK", but the call gets cut off before he has a chance.

This skit appears as an interlude on Singles: Volume 3.

Lyrics Edit

[phone ringing]

[Sunman] Who's interrupting me? I'm trying to rape some fucking nigger babies.

Hey, Sunman, it's Moonman here. There was this fucking limey faggot from London, England, and he was disrespecting me. When I called to tell the shitfag to shove it up his niggerloving anus, he called the fucking feds. Now I'm gonna get fucking life, because apparently it's now illegal to be in the Klan. I'm fucking Moonman. They can't do this to me. I have a moonwife and moonkids.

[Sunman] Hey, that's not good news, Moonman. If you ask me, you're doing the world a service by fucking up all those niggers, chinks, and pakistanis. What was that moon queen-loving crumpet-muncher's name?

Charles Moonington, but he calls himself the fucking English Moonman, as if he's anything like me. I swear, if I get out I'm gonna find--

[Sunman] Now now now, don't make any threats. The warden might hear. Just leave all the fucking to me and my fifty-foot self-enlarging razor sunpenis. I'll get the first flight to London and bring you back his dirty ass, so you can hang him yourself.

I knew I could count on you, Sunman. I never realized it before, but over the phone you sound like a stinky nigger.

[Sunman] Fuck you, Moonman.

Anyway, there was one more thing. There's this filthy ytmnder named Farkle and he--

Hello? You fucking cunt, you cut my phone call. What do you mean I've been speaking too long? I'm the fucking Moonman. I'll cut your fucking eyes out with my mooncock. KKK.

[phone ringing]

[Moonington's bitch] Hello?

[Sunman] Is Charles there?

[Moonington's bitch] No, that dirty cockwhore is out watching the bloody football.

[Sunman] Well tell him I'm going to fuck him up his English ass--

[Moonington's bitch] Listen, you negro shit.

[Sunman] Hey--

[Moonington's bitch] I'm the only one who gets to fuck Charles.

[Sunman] Listen. I'm not a fucking nigger.

[Moonington's bitch] Well you sound black to me.

[Sunman] You've really pissed off the Sunman now, fucking moon bitch.