"Moon Man Calls Tech Support" is a skit recorded in 2015, produced by Man On The Moon Productions. In it, Moon Man calls tech support for his computer and is connected with an Indian woman who identifies herself as Mandy. He becomes frustrated when he can't understand her and demands to speak to her supervisor. Her supervisor is another Indian, a man who identifies himself as Joey, and Moon Man has no luck with him either.

This skit appears as an interlude on Singles: Volume 4.

Lyrics Edit

This fucking shitty computer. Audrina, dial tech support and get me the phone.

[Mandy] Hello, this is Mandy and...[unintelligible]...Windows.

What the fuck. I have a fucking problem with my computer, and I can't understand what the fuck the dothead on the other line is saying.

[Mandy] [unintelligible]

Jesus fucking Christ. Go fucking kiss a cow, you fucking curry eater.

[Mandy] [unintelligible]...racist-ass cracker.

Fucking hell. I hate tech support. Transfer me to your supervisor.

[Mandy] Fuck you.

[Joey] Hello, this is Joey...[unintelligible]...How may I be assisting of you?

What was your mother, a fucking dothead? Kill yourself, indo-nigger.

[Joey] Kill yourself, asshole.


I'm fucking switching to Mac, goddamnit.