"Moon Man Mourns the loss of The Moon Man Makkker" is a short interlude that was recorded in 2016, produced by Spyro. In it, Moon Man gives a eulogy for the fallen Moon Man Makkker (although the Makkker would later return, as usual.).

This track appears as an interlude on Singles: Volume 6.

Lyrics Edit

Yo, cut the bullshit. Moon Man here at the Moon Man MaKKKer's funeral. The fucking kikes shut it down permanently, and now we must salvage a new hope for White supremacy.

But before we do that, I have to say a few words to our fallen klansman.


You have supported the Triple K for a long time, and you are gone, but not in our hearts. We shall lynch all blacks in honor of your loyalty and help. It makes me happy that you are with Adolf Hitler in that Big Plantation in the Sky. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten.