"Moon Man Reaches Out to the Black Community" is a prank call skit in which Moon Man calls a nigger and pretends to be an sjw "on a mission to bury the N-word once and for all." He tries to convince the nigger to stop saying "nigger," but his entreaties instead enrage the nigger. Finally, he breaks character and calls the nigger all the racial epithets he can think of at the moment before revealing that he is in fact spying on the nigger through its home window and shooting it.

The skit was produced by Malcolm Night and released to youtube on November 25, 2015. It samples the Nephew Tommy prank call skit "Stop Using the N Word" from the Steve Harvey Morning Show radio show.

The skit appears as an interlude on track 4 of Singles: Volume 4.

Lyrics Edit

KEY: Edit

Moonman [nig⁣ger]

TEXT: Edit


Hello. This is Moonman. How are you doing this morning?

[Man, I'm doin' fine, man, I'm work--late for work, what the fuck you want?]

Well, my Moon Krew and I are on a mission to bury the n-word once and for all. Since the word is used predominantly by african-americans themselves, we're reaching out to the black community in an effort to curb its usage. We're asking that you make a conscious effort to refrain from using this offensive slur--

[So what the fuck you tryna say, nig⁣ga? Man you better-- Don't call my mothafuckin' phone, man I told you I'm, uh, late for work, man. You callin' me with this bullshit--'bout a nigga? Nig⁣ga nigg⁣a ni⁣gga nigg⁣a please! I'll say what the fuck I wanna say. I ain't got time to be, uh, listening to n⁣igga--]

Sir, sir, please calm down. I'm going to have to ask you to--

[You askin' the wrong mothafucka, nigga! Shit, go ask somebody else. Call somebody else and bother 'em with this bullshit. I'll say "nigga," I'll say "mothafucka," I'll say "shit," mother fuck you shit god damn! Callin' me with this bullshit! Fuck wrong witchoo crazy ass.]

Okay, so it's apparent that your language is highly problematic.

[Man, fuck you. I'll use whatever the hell I want. I don't know you, you don't know me, what the hell you-- How you know I use the word "nigga" anyway, nigga? Huh?

Could you please be a little more respectful in the--

[You don't get no respect from me, motherfucker, you called my goddamn phone, stupid-ass boy! You called me. I don't even know how you got my goddamn number. I don' spendin' this much time talkin' to yo stupid ass! Callin' somebody's phone, go call 911 and getcha some help. Stupid-ass shit...]

You'd better watch your mouth or it could get you into trouble.

[Oh well, I'm right here! I ain't movin'! I live right here at 1301 Nigga Lane, mothafucka. Come see me. How 'bout dat? Look it up if you can't find it, getcha a GPS, mothafucka. I'm right here.]

Do you mind if I tell you something?

[You can tell me whatever the fuck you wanna tell me, nigga!]

Well, you blue-gummed nappy-headed ooga-booga ape coon porchmonkey jigaboo big-lip flat-nose junglebunny nignog tarbaby powderburn watermelon dindu jim crow soot spade sambo chickenwing-eating nigger, I can see you through the window.

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