"Moon Man TV" is a song that Moon Man recorded for his King Nigger Killer EP.

Lyrics Edit

Yo, Moon shizzle in the hizzle, yeah

I flip on the tubes Change it to channel 2, Fox News

All I'm seeing in the stars Is race car, race car, yeah Getting everyone rilled up 'cause a neeg got dropped hard

It would be better if all nigras just starved, yeah yeah Mowing down minorities as I drift by in my car Nigras think they roll hard, KKK But they don't expect the cross burning in their yard, KKK

Triple K Mafia rolling around town We gonna put every spic and jew down, yeah Nigras can suck a dick, kill a spic Make our job easier 'cause nigras only get sleazier Yeah, KKK, yeah KKK

Bash a nigra's head in 'Cause their existence is unwholisome

Moon Man only plays to win As he shoots a nigra in the shin Leave him for the birds 'Cause nigras are useless beyond words

[false ending]

Oh, you thought it was over Nigra please, I'll put you in the trash like Grover Oh wait, I mean Oscar the Grouch, not that it matters 'Cause I'm gonna blow some nigra brains out

Fuckin neeg, get off my couch The only place you belong is in a prison After you contract gout

Kill a nigra a day to keep the AIDS away Thumbs up if you believe in nigra killing I'm out, faggots