"Moon Man Teaches The KKKolors" is Moon Man skit produced by Lucas and released to YTMND on November 23, 2015. It was created to be an interlude on Singles: Volume 4, on which it appears as track 16. The skit is in the style of the previous Singles interludes "Moon Man Teaches The Alphabet" and "Moon Man Teaches KKKounting".

Lyrics Edit

Hello children It's Moon Man to teach you about the KKKolors So take all your crayons out of the boxes And let's look at them all

Red The blood of niggers is red when it's spilled all over the floor After you cap a bullet in their faces

Yellow Golden shekels are yellow And jews like to hoard them all

Blue The tears of niggers are blue when they're crying over their dead brothers Whom we killed

Orange Fried chicken has an orange color And niggers like to eat it every time they go to KFC

Green Marijuana leaves which I smoke every day are green And so are watermelons that niggers eat all the time

Purple Purple is the color of royalty And it reminds us of the superior White master race that shall rule the world

Pink Pink is a very girly color And it reminds us of the women and feminists whom I rape every single day

Brown You can tell when people are niggers if their skin is brown And they smell like brown poo

Black Black "people" smell like shit And they are the color of the night Thank God the White Moon is in the sky As a sentry to protect our precious White children from the niggers Speaking of which, we're on the last color, which is my favorite

White The Moon is White And so are our White Aryan brothers Who will one day rid this world of the darkies

Well actually, there's one more color we need to talk about White people aren't actually white But they're more of a peach color Do you see this peach-colored crayon here? It is the best one in the box Because it is the most blatant display of racism in the classroom today Remember to only use this color when you are drawing people Unless you're using brown crayons to draw spearchucking ooga-booga niggers Who are being killed by the people you drew with the peach crayons

Alright, class, our lesson is over Now you may draw whatever you want As long as it relates somehow to the KKK But before we start, let's all do the KKK chant together, shall we


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