"Moon Man Tribute" is a tribute to Moon Man written and performed by Moon Man's alter ego Shivers. It appears on the Shivers EP Niggers 5ft. into the Dirt.

Lyrics Edit

KKK Mafia in it This is Shivers on the beat yo Shoutout to Moon Man For inspiring me to stop cutting and rest in peace mate

I put niggers in the ground without a sound, a wise Moon Man once said And that I will revive him from the dead with my rap beat And my nigger-killing sprees of chopping off their heads In a bunk bed instead of them being bred So you should go fuck a rhino and a sheep Because I will smack you with a shovel and toss you 5ft. deep under the dirt And it will hurt your ancestors and your parents Because I merc them too, and I merc the whole crew Especially you and Anne Frank, that fucking jew I raped her and chopped her with my cock And hid the body under a seabank Now you shall call her Sea Frank

Quench fires that stank I can smack that dead pussy all day every day Because it's the only way I know how to fuck a jew They won't stop screaming from the ovens, and it's driving me mad I'm about to cut off the heads of their dads and use it as sleeping pads Or send it to the feminists as butthurt pads Because I fuck bitches right in the pussy, no blacks though I like the feel of my ballsack on their chins when I gag them yo I roll up in my Bugatti and slice up niggers like I took up karate I don't fuck with nobody, 'cause niggers are everywhere in my sight I will smash them all to bits of cum on sight

This has been Shivers and I'm out Be sure to like and comment below suggestions for future ups to stop cutting Everyone have a nice day, and more to come in the future