"Moon Reich Anthem" is a Moon Man single released to youtube in 2015. It is a remix of John Williams's Star Wars composition "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)". In the song, Moon Man lashes out against niggers, jews, and muslims. Some musim terrorists show up in the middle of the song, and Moon Man shoots at least one of them.

The song appears as the 1st track on Great White.

Lyrics Edit

Equipped for service Ready Miami Mission Another nigger killed is my tradition Label me the Big Bad Moon Quick to kill a coon You beasts don't deserve life Before you talk to me, check your wife I fucked her with my nine-inch steel (Jet fuel can't melt steel beams, hahaha) I thrust my steel in her meat Like it was time to eat That pussy I be eating like Brecci Killlng a jew makes me feel oh so discreet Time to bury you Next to you a dump you will be You dirty spooks Look at me I'm the King Moon I glow white like my fellow White brethren The Aryan superior master race Quick to slash a nigger in the face We are the almighty Jew-killing Hitler-heiling Triple K Mafia The fucking Moon KKKrew Time to get quiet

[gunfire & terrorists yelling allahu akbar]

[gunshot] Shut the fuck you muslim prick Hahaha

Boom boom boom Another nigger drops As I pop my glock You fucking niggers do the poplock I pop you And lock you in the gas chamber Fill your nostrils with the scent of my gas Kill that dirty ass You spooks aren't anything but prey The almighty Moon Reich will never fail Quick to put a nigger in check Like what the F You jews and muslims be like Allahu akbar I close the gas chamber and eat my snackbar Fuck yes, fuck yes, fuck yes Heil the Moon Man The righteous shall prevail For thou art ridding the world of its problems No more blacks No more jews No more muslims Fuck that faggot Muhammad

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