"Moon Woman" is a song by Audrina Patridge and Moon Man that appeared on The White Side of the Moon EP. In it, Audrina Patridge, the Moon Woman, shows off her racist rap skills. At point Moon Man declares that she is "losing [her] touch," but then she intensifies her lyrical offensiveness. Moon Man and Audrina also engage in sexual acts during the song.

Lyrics Edit

Alright, announcer You have not fucked up So if you really want It is your turn to bust All over this mic Show these nigger sluts Just how Moon Woman Knows how to fuck

[Audrina] Thank you, Moon Man I know I can Put these niggers in their place They should know just by their race And all the shots from KKK Gun them down before the rape All they do is steal my shit And they just want me to suck their dick It may be large But it still looks like a shit coming from their front

Hey, announcer You are losing your touch Suck me off for a while It will give you some luck Shit, that feels good Continue to suck While I show these niggers just how it is done If I am not out thinning the herds I am fucking their moms and raping the nerds Oh good, I am cumming Are you feeling better now? Get back on the mic Or prepare to get plowed

[Audrina] Thank you, Moon Man You taste so delicious After that break I am down to get vicious You niggers better not stand in my way Because I will shoot you down Then shit on your graves I will fuck your babies And fill them with more I will make them street whores By the ripe age of four

Now you're getting it

[Audrina] That means a lot Maybe if you came in me I would rap superhot

That's a good plan Spread out your twat I am coming in hot Like the niggers I shot

[Audrina] Man, that feels good I feel better yet You niggers do not know How a real man gets lit I will shit in your ass Give you constipation And when you are caught You look like you've cheated I am so fucking good Your wife kills you for me And after she is done Moon Man fills her with babies

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