"Moonman" is a song by Goys 'N Rosenbergs featuring Moon Man. It is a parody of "Spoonman" by Soundgarden. It was uploaded to youtube on October 13, 2015 by SeventhSon and later appeared as the opening track on Singles: Volume 3. The song is a tribute to Moon Man.

The song was played in the intro to "Indigenous Goyim Day", Episode 54 of the podcast The Daily Shoah!.

Lyrics Edit

Killin' negroids with your hands Text To Hatespeech on your Jams, Moonman Start the race war on your own Ethnic cleansing all alone, Moonman

Moonman, play piano with your hands Save me, miscegenation across this land Save me

All your friends are in the Klan! All your friends come from 4chan, Moonman KKK k-KKK Breaking necks like Freddie Grey, Moonman

Moonman, play piano with your hands Save me, Kill the faggots in this land Save me

Come on, let's hang 'em high.

Play piano with your hands Recruiting anons for the Klan, Moonman

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