"Moonman Vs Charles Moonington" is a skit recorded in 2015, produced by Umfuld Returns. It appears as an interlude on Singles: Volume 2.

The skit is a recording of a harassing phone call from Moon Man to Charles Moonington.

Lyrics Edit

[Charles Moonington] Hello?

Hi faggot. It's your old pal Moonman here.

[Charles Moonington] What the bloody hell do you want? I'm in the middle of enjoying a delightful egg and scone crumpet.

I heard you were slagging me off the other day, and I just thought I'd let you know that you better shut the fuck up before I come down there, rape your mother, and slather her AIDS all over your snooty-ass fucking face.

[Charles Moonington] You bloody yanks, always shouting your mouth off to us, and oppressing the negro community. I have half a mind to get on the telephone to the old mill and have you nicked for racism.

Go fap off the Queen or something you British faggot. Jesus Christ, I'm fucking Moonman. You'll never catch me alive, or drinking tea with some nigger.

[Charles Moonington] Charming. But you are forgetting the buckets of evidence over at

Oh shit. Fucking Farkle.

[Charles Moonington] I think I'll have the Filthhaver butchers at those lovely Moon Man sites. In the meantime, why don't you stuff your chops with a double cheeseburger or some shit.

Listen up, Sir Faggington, if I ever get a visit from the cops, so help me God I'll get my Klan on the first flight over there and have them shove that fucking crumpet up your fucking scrotum. Then I'll have them rape your daughter and hang her off the edge of fucking Tower Bridge.

[Charles Moonington] We'll see about that, won't we?

[Moonman begins doing the KKK chant]

[Charles Moonington] You stupid-- Hold on, you aren't letting me finish. Bloody le-- Wait just a-- That does it.

[phone hangup]