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Forgotten Realms Country
The Moonsea
Capital none
Government City-states
Ruler none
Population 1,750,000 (est.)
Races Humans, orcs, half-orcs, halflings, dwarves, ogres, gnomes

The Moonsea is a region in the North of Faerûn in the fictional fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms. The region is dominated by the large titular lake Moonsea, that is connected to the Sea of Fallen Stars to the south by the River Lis. The shoreline is a wild, frontier area that is home to several city states that are dominated by despots, and the region doesn't have a capital[attribution needed].

The most notable of the city-states is Zhentil Keep at the western end, the greatest base of operation of the once-secret society of the Zhentarim; Mulmaster in the southeast; Phlan; Melvaunt on the northern side; and Hillsfar in the southwest. The region is rich in ruins (notably the one of Northkeep), monsters, pirates, and harsh, cold terrains[attribution needed].

West of the Moonsea is the northernmost of the Dales, Teshendale. North-west of the sea are the Dragonspine Mountains.

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Dragonspine MountainsEdit

The Dragonspine Mountains is a mountain range northwest of the Moonsea, which houses the infamous Citadel of the Raven on their western slopes[attribution needed].


Melvaunt is a city on the northern side of the Moonsea and adjacent to the Great Gray Land of Thar. It is ruled by a council of three lordsTemplate:Vague.


Mulmaster is a country lead by the High Blade (the de facto ruler of the city), Selfaril Uoumdolphin. After years of actively opposing it, the city finally joined the Zhentarim. Now firmly entrenched in the Zhents' power base and with a new temple to Bane being erected there, the city that once stood as a bulwark against the spread of the Zhent stain is now one of the proudest jewels in Fzoul Chembryl's new, Banite-influenced ZhentarimTemplate:Or.


The sunken city of Northkeep was the first human settlement on the shores of the Moonsea[citation needed].


Voonlar is a place conquered by the Zhentarim.

Zhentil KeepEdit

Zhentil Keep is the main base of operation for the Zhentarim, later destroyed by Cyric.


Phlan is a city of about 3000 located in the northern section of the Moonsea region at the mouth of the Stojanow RiverTemplate:Vague. Founded over 1,000 years ago[when?], a series of destruction and rebuilding has led to the city being walled off into a destroyed, ruined Old Phlan and a rebuilt, shining Civilized Phlan. Phlan is noteworthy not only for its stubbornness but also as the location of the fabled Pool of Radiance, source of power of the otherworldly Tyranthraxus[attribution needed]. The town is currently rebuilding from the devastating Dragon Run of 1306 DR[when?] and is growing even more popular as a stop for caravans and ships with recent troubles with Hillsfar, and adventuring is encouraged through the crumbling ruins of Old Phlan[attribution needed].

Local points of interest include the ruins of Valjevo Castle, once one of the largest castles in Faerûn[attribution needed]. Although the idea of rebuilding the castle has been floated, most citizens are wary of the expense. Instead, a group of druids is attempting to recultivate the courtyard. Sokal Keep, a small fortress in the Bay of Phlan, is being rebuilt as a lighthouse. Valhinjen Graveyard, north of the city, is rumored to contain powerful undead, and most fear to go there at night. Finally, the only temple in the city is The Waiting, a temple of Tyr.

History: Phlan was founded in 367 DR and leveled 33 years later{[when}} by the First Turnabout, a massive attack by the Dark Alliance of inhumans who swept down on the land. The people of Phlan stubbornly rebuilt the city, beginning a cycle of destruction and rebirth that would last for a millennium. Recent disasters include the Dragon Run, Tyranthraxus's corruption in 1347 DR, and an attack by Bane in 1357 DR[when?].

Government: Phlan is ruled by a Council of Ten, with the current High Councilor (sometimes called One) a half-orc fighter named Kella Voskorm. The Council has a high turnover rate, as no-confidence elections are held regularly for even the smallest mishaps[attribution needed]. The city has a militia of about 120, though a local clan of dwarves has pledged its help to the city and can muster another 100 troops. The city's walled nature is its greatest defense against enemies, however[attribution needed].

A thieves' guild called The Welcomers operates in the city, and members cut off their left ear as a sign of loyalty. As most residents of the town are aware of the guild (it works openly), the members prey on visitors to the city, thus their nameTemplate:Or.

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