The Morimoto Mars Colony is a fictional human colony located on the planet Mars in The Journeyman Project games.


Morimoto Mars Colony at Coprates Minor, Mining Tunnels.

Gameplay Significance Edit

This location is only visited in the first Journeyman Project game, via time travel.

How It Should've Been Edit

The player visits the colony in the year 2185, while the colony is still under construction. In the game's peaceful future, a pilot bringing building materials to the colony sights mankind's first confirmed alien vessel. The alien speeds away harmlessly and unharmed, and nothing comes of the encounter for more than a century.

The Intended Change Edit

Elliot Sinclair sent Ares, one of his three robots to this location in time, its mission to help change history to prevent Earth from being invited to join a galactic federation called the Symbiotry of Peaceful Beings. To accomplish this end, the robot planted a bomb inside the base, to make it appear as though the alien vessel had attacked the humans. The robot would also pilot a shuttle to destroy the alien vessel, thus making aliens distrustful of humans.

Timeline Edit

Morimoto Mars Colony History
22nd Century 2185 2190
Mining colony is constructed and abandoned; later, the Morimoto Mars colony is built on its ruins. First confirmed alien is sighted at Morimoto Mars Colony. Elliot Sinclair attempts to tamper with this history and is stopped by Gage Blackwood Morimoto Mars Colony is completed.
Journeyman Project

Sources: Journeyman Project Manual

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