Morlin is a fictional character in Mythotical. He appears in the second book "Mythotical: The Trace". He is a triplet with Merlin and Marlin. He is not a main character in this book but demonstrated great power. Powers: Magic, Flying, Magic Removal, He dies in the end of the book. He was hit by a harpoon and falls from the sky into the death portal. Marlin tries to bring him back in "Mythotical: The Phantasm" (This Fails) He is mentioned in every book forward.


Morlin was born 109 years before the series begins. He was born on March,31 with Merlin and Marlin to Mr. and Mrs. Wizard. He was the second most powerful. (Marlin was strongest.) He was abandoned when he was 9 by his parents. Not much more is know about his childhood.

The TraceEdit

Morlin appears to fight to finish Myth. He showed great power and killed several Slafes.

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