Mount Zogon is the sister comic to Zogonia, published in Dungeon Magazine. Set in the same campaign world as Zogonia (which is called Zogonia), it is a following of the life of Galeena, a female druid who lives in a dungeon carved into Zogonia's highest mountain; Mount Zogon.

Galeena is quite unusual; she is eccentric, perhaps even insane, and is quite possibly of evil alignment. She graduated with considerable haste (ie was kicked out of Druid College) after poisoning a fellow druid; Barry Firfoot. She has a strange affiliation with mushrooms and fungi; she lives in a cavern filled with slimes, jellies, oozes and moulds and, instead of an animal companion, has a sentient talking mushroom (who is really the brains of the pair) named Mushroom.

She is an expert with the spear and somewhat psychotic; she considers pixies to be annoying insects and stabbed one to death on her way to Mount Zogon after it heard her complaining about the abundance of pixies in the woods. She became so paranoid about the way the local Kobolds started worshipping her she almost decided to wipe them out (or may have actually done so). She has had a serious debate with Mushroom about whether or not her consuming sentient creatures such as Dwarves and Kobolds can actually be considered cannibalism (she reassured Mushroom that she would never eat it- but then finished by saying that it's poisonous).

She once dissolved an attacking Ghoul with a jet of Green Slime from her mouth, so she may be developing slime-based attack modes due to her association with such creatures (either that, or she really needed to get rid of the stew she had been eating). Her resistance to the effects of the various slimes and oozes she lives with have led her to finding a variety of unusual uses for them (such as using a jelly for a vibrating armchair, or bathing in a Slime Mould).

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