Moving Impact is a 2007 action reality film by Timothy Mitchell. The film contains footage of when Timothy Mitchell’s Boys In Rec group went to do laser tag. Moving Impact was released on DVD in December 3, 2007 and is rated M for infrequent moderate coarse language and combat violence and themes.

Synopsis Edit

The film starts with a short spiel by Timothy Mitchell. Then, the film starts by showing the group moving out into the bush where this film is set.

Tim sticks with his friend Sam, but notices some people of the opposite team moving through the clearing. He pursues them, moving away from his group and all alone in the bush, he is surrounded by the enemy.

After a brief encounter with Daniel Wilson, Tim unites with Dylan and they move towards the hut. They move in towards for the kill, but they are under attack when they arrive.

The film is wholly filmed at the Swan Hill Laser Outdoor Combat location, Victoria, Australia.

Cast Edit

Timothy Mitchell - himself

Dylan Ritche - himself

Sam Beard - himself

Aiden Rickard - himself

Ridley Livesy - himself

Chris Rowlan - himself

Daniel Wilson - himself

See Also Edit

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