Mukadender (ムカデンダー Mukadenda?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman Taro. Mukadender appeared in Episode 26.

Ultraman Taro Edit

Stats Edit

His height is around 59 meters tall and weighs around 4,000 tons.

Mukadendar is a bizarre reptile-like centipede monster, whose head is supposed to be on the tip of where his tail would be. He also possesses the unusual ability to separate his head from his body but still retain a separate life for both its head and body.

History Edit

Awakening from hibernation in the middle of a Woods, Mukadender immediately began to cause destruction and chaos during the midst of a festival being celebrated. One man attempted to fight the monster with a spear while the villagers were evacuating, and while he did keep the monster occupied long enough for everyone to escape, he was unable to do more than annoy the monster. Mukadender then sprayed the man in webbing before launching flames from its maw, severely wounding until ZAT arrived to rescue him.

Mukadendar continued its rampage as ZAT’s fighters assaulted the monster with their weapons, only for Mukadender to return fire with his flames. ZAT then used a chain to lasso the monster’s head but Mukadender used his head separation ability to escape and resume using its flames on ZAT as it made it into town. Mukadender then trapped Kotaro on a bell tower, after he shot it at point blank at its head and the beast assaulted him further, trying to knock the tower down. Kotaro finally transformed into Ultraman Taro and the two finally went at each other. It seemed the fight was at a standstill, until Mukadender separated his head from its body to double team Taro continuously. However, Taro suddenly discovered a weakness: Causing pain to Mukadender's head also causes pain to its body when it is separated. Using this to his advantage, taro continuously attacked the head and hurled it into the sky, with its body being pulled along with it. Finally Ultraman Taro destroyed Mukadender's head with the Storium Ray, as well as the body as it fell to the earth, ensuring its demise.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius.

In this series, Mukadender was hiding in a Woods and preying on humans in secrecy. As Marina of GUYS was on an outing with her friend as well as a woman they found in the forest, Mukadender revealed itself and chased them around the woods. Marina used Miclas to combat Mukadendar, but his sheepish nature towards Marina only did little to help. Although striking Mukadender with one blast of electric energy, Miclas's timer went up, and Mukadendar became enraged and attacked the Trio without hesitation. GUYS soon arrived, with Mirai quickly turning into Ultraman Mebius. Mebius had little trouble fighting Mukadendar until it separated his head from its body to double team Mebius. Mebius fought back, discovering Mukadender's connected weakness like Taro before him, until they joined together again. Mebius destroyed Mukadender's body with his Mebium beam, but the head escaped and tried to attack him from behind, but it was destroyed by Ultraman Hikari by surprise.

Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Armored Darkness Edit

This Monster reappeared in the short sequel to Ultraman Mebius.

Some time after Ultraman Mebius left Earth, several monsters began reappearing and causing havoc. Mukadender was one of these monsters, (along with Saramandora, Roberuga, and Kelbeam.) However, the new Team GUYS took care of Saramandora and Mukadender themselves, destroying them both.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

While investigating the planet, the ZAP SPACY found the dead body of a Mukadender with massive claw marks on its head. At first they believe it was Rei's Gomora who killed it, but it was later revealed to be Golza who was his killer.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Mukadender is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army. Mukadender was also the first monster killed in his army, by Ultraman Mebius.


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