"Nigger Lynching Tank Engine" is a Moon Man single produced by Excalibur624. It is one of the many remixes of the Thomas the Tank Engine theme song. It appears on Singles: Volume 6.

Sun Man and Audrina Patridge are guest rappers in this song, with Sun Man against Moon Man and Audrina in support of him.

Lyrics Edit

Sup bitches it's Moonman with another song about niggers Now let's cut to the chase

As a little baby I hated those niggers Stupid little fags who think they're biggers Fucking gorillas who look like shit Watermelon-chuckers who drink their spit

Smoking weed and rapping badly Never realize I lynch them gladly Stealing money and shooting towns Making themselves look like clowns

I swear these spooks look like bears Trying to shave off all their hairs Their IQs are so low that they drop to Hell That is where they should all dwell

The KKK destroyed all their rebellions Fucking up all of these retarded hellions Too retarded to know Whites are superior They can all lick my hairy exterior

[Sunman] Moonman you are so fucking insane Giving us black people so much pain Why don't you just give this childish stuff up And start acting like a grown-up?

Silly nigger this is part of life Now why don't you go and fuck your wife? Oh wait I forgot you don't have one But you'd better put on your shoes and run

'Cause this show's about to start In fact, I'll paint you red and make some art Now it's time to die [pow pow]

Spearchuckers need to learn a lesson or two Fucking spooks and ghosts saying "boo" Thinking they're scary, but they ain't When they look in the mirror they faint

Can't step up to these rhymes They're worth much more than dimes Don't get too close, they're contagious The cancer they give is outrageous

Oh, I'm sorry, were your feelings hurt? I'll piss some more on your dirty shirt Niggers get offended over every little thing The rhymes I speak really sting

So fuck off, your opinions never mattered I'll rip your flesh until it's all tattered I'll skin you alive and hang you on my wall Don't even try to ball

[Audrina] Moonman you're so fucking awesome Hanging up niggers, like the skin of a possum Teach me your lynching ways And the Ku Klux Klan will rule for days

Hold on a minute, this looks kinda fake And is that a brown flake on your face? A-ha, I see you're a nigger in disguise You're one of the people I despise

So get the fuck out before I shoot

[Audrina] Alright fine Just don't be a brute

Too bad, now you'd better fucking scoot

Word of advice, never trust any blacks They're gonna leave you dead right in their tracks Now you know a White never lies And this is Moonman saying goodbye

But before we close I have to make an announcement And it sure is an important announcement If you see any niggers, spics, or spooks Make sure you eliminate those pukes

This is Moonman signing off KKK, KKK, KKK, KKK, KK, KK