"Nigger Slayer" is a song that Moon Man recorded for The Lunatic album. It was produced by ChickenSlayerX. It is a remix of "Erectyle Dysfunction" by Pink Guy. It is the third part of the "Whites Delight Trilogy".

Notes Edit

The Single for this song has also been added to the More Than One Way to Skin a N*gger Album and is called Minorityle Dysfunction.

Lyrics Edit

I'm the Grand Master Nigger Killer Every time a see a nigger walk down the block I want to take out my glock And shoot the nigger Bitch I'm on the top Get on this cock Take the shot Fuck niggers and jews Can't get enough of fresh nigger stew Punch a nigger Kick a nigger Shoot a nigger Stab a nigger Whatever works will do Because I run this turf The Triple K Mafia is on it We're like fucking insurgents Like I use my laundry detergent To wipe my tracks No evidence to be traced Like your mommy being raped Niggers are pure trash I want to bash their fucking head in I'm a lyrical individual I'm have a real smooth flow Now this is my fucking show I'll be bitching If I can't see the lynching live Vote 5 All niggers are beggars They're all fucking players The only thing they can do is play ball No education at all You can't acknowledge knowledge Dropping nigger rhymes on us Niggers are a disgrace To the human race All you niggers better quit playing Or I'll start slaying Just saying I can't stress enough That niggers are dumb They can't read They shouldn't breed They shouldn't even breathe All of you niggers are apes that commit rape I'm here telling all of you niggers To go back to Africa Bring all of your diseases back to Africa And, if I see another chicken bone on my road I'll fucking kill Tyrone This is Moonman And I'm getting out of here