"Niggerfries" is a song that Moon Man, as his alter ego Shivers, recorded for his EP Niggers 5ft. into the Dirt.

Lyrics Edit

Yo guys Shivers on the beat yo Shoutout to my boy Demi for being there for me since day one And supporting the nigger movement

Niggers tossed over the boat Because they put their smelly hands on my fresh coat Shut the fuck up MLK, I'm making a video Quit barking and howling in your cage Before I beat you with a whip and cut open your hip I'll stick you to a wall by your lips I'll put chains on your nips Emo niggers are terrible Their stench is unbearable I toss a french fry on a beach And there goes my nigger, fighting a seagull Now I gotta pop two with my Desert Eagle Fucking burnt nog I will cum in his eye I'll laugh when he starts to cry I will die I will soak his tears And use it for seasoning on his french fry Then he will eat it and I'll smear it on his bald head I will piss on his forehead It's just another whore dead I will trample niggers by horse, dead I'll shit a brick on his back He will scream, thinking he is melting, but it's just crap I did it for gangsta rap Niggers I will blow holes into with my shotty I guess shotty wasn't too hotty Nigger want these nuts, ha gatti naughty How many niggers can I choke? Enough to make me broke Niggers stop dropping your drumsticks off the Empire State Or I will feed you my toes off a plate I'm chilling in my estate While you are in a watermelon debate Niggers don't get real estate Niggers stop trying to rob my Rolls-Royce That's a fucking terrible choice You want to be held on a wall being force-fed whale semen? Then I suggest you leave this season Maybe I'll let you go without reason Wait, you'll steal my shit So I'll dropkick you Thanks for listening lads Be sure to share this around and join the nigger army today This has been Shivers and I'm out