Niggers 5ft. into the Dirt is the only EP released by Moon Man under his alter ego, Shivers. The EP was not officially promoted and received little attention at the time of release. However, the EP was received favorably by critics.

In June of 2015, the month following the release of his smash-hit album WhiteTopia, Moon Man found himself overwhelmed by a whirlwind of success. Amidst all the talk shows, the touring, the recording, the contracts, and the constant attention, he found release by sneaking into the studio alone some nights and recording new, unprepared material. He saved the recordings in a separate folder labelled "Shivers", which would lay undisturbed in the studio for weeks before being discovered by a technician. In October of 2015, he explained to an interviewer, "I just wanted to be sure it was still me, you know? I put everything I had into WhiteTopia, and now the whole world had that, but they wanted more. I wanted to be sure I was coming from the right place, not just giving them what they wanted. I put myself outside myself, in order to find myself."

Tracklisting Edit

Track # Track Name Remix Of
1 Niggers In Cages Unknown
2 Moon Man Tribute Unknown
3 Niggerfries Unknown
4 Dylann Roof Unknown

Download Edit

Niggers 5ft. into the Dirt

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