"Niggers In Cages" is the opening song on the Moon Man EP Niggers 5ft. into the Dirt (released under Moon Man's pseudonym Shivers). It focuses mostly on killing niggers but also mentions killing spics and arabs.

Lyrics Edit

Yo, it's Shivers on the beat And I cage niggers in triple-digit figures I cut their heads off and take pictures And kick them to their sisters Spics are midgets And I hang them in the double digits Niggers are worthless, without a purpose My Triple K Mafia will pop them in the chest And leave them in a barn of cowshit to rest Mexicans are smelly and gross And need to be thrown in a cage off the Hội An coast And burnt to chicken roast Yeah KKK every day day day We can't wait to play play play Kill the nigger and toss his remains In a pile of hay hay hay You don't fuck with the White boys of live Dead or alive, you might end up in a bucket of Popeye's chicken Fried with your parents, denied inside Spic, stop barking in your cage Or I will gut you with my switchblade And you will be the bitch slayed

Yeah noggers, that was a sick-ass beat And I will beat my nigger slave to his feet Until he can compete And cry in defeat I will revive Hitler and send you to the shitter Because you are a critter and a bitter nigger Uprise with some chickenwings duck-size And a nigger slam What size? That will be a surprise When all the niggers die And I give every arab a black eye With a ballsack pie in their cancer hair dye And their children will cry And sigh and cut for Zane 'cause they are in pain And insane and lame This has been Shivers the nigger killer Please like and share with your jew friends A steal a nigger's nice Mercedes-Benz Thanks for listening and stay tuned for more nigger content soon

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