"Niggerstein" is a song by Moon Man and Niggerstein. It is a remix of "Phantom Power" by Dibiase. It appeared originally on The Spook EP and later on The Ultimate Collection - Part 1: Notorious KKK.

The song tells the story of Moon Man's creation of Niggerstein "from a nigger's head and a jewish spine". Niggerstein himself begins to rap after he is reanimated.

Lyrics Edit

Here I come creeping around town like a phantom Killing over a million spooks per annum It's the Triple K nigger-killing OG Moonman Taking a bacon-flavored shit on a Koran I'll carve your face like a pumpkin and rip out your guts I'd remove your brain, but you're a bumpkin with no nuts I'll bite your neck and nigger blood will spill out It'll go in a cauldron full of my brand new nigger stout You think you're safe on Halloween night? Take a walk outside, nigger, and I'll give you a fright I'll put you on a lab table and dissect your body parts Create a nigger monster like it's a work of art In fact, I just did that, I made a Niggerstein He's part jewish, but that's fine He's gonna die anyway sometime soon That's enough talk from the Moon Take it Niggerstein

[Niggerstein] Ooga booga, my name is Niggerstein Created from a nigger's head and a jewish spine I'm a race-mixed monster, so I hate everything But all your black necks I shall wring My master Moon Man made me for minority mutilation I won't stop until it's complete nigger devastation I'll help him create a pure White Aryan nation Because blacks are nothing but an irritation I'll help my master begin the race war By killing niggers and raping black whores My master says that the Whites should win Being black is simply a sin Motherfuckers I'll kill all of you bum-fucking spearchuckers Make sure none of you exist, because you're cocksuckers The Niggerstein is here, and he's gonna kill you You know that this is true Take it Master

So whether it's me or the Niggerstein coming You'd better put on your shoes and start running We hate niggers, and we hate jews And we're gonna come for you So don't cry You're gonna die We'll rip out your eyes And you'll ask why You're a nigger, that's why The lynching continues on October 31st And nigger blood will quench my thirst So when you see someone in a ghost costume It could be a klansman who will send you to a tomb

[Niggerstein] Niggerstein will follow, and he'll be your doom Look out for him and the Moon

That's right This is Moonman and Niggerstein signing off We're gonna go kill some niggers and clean our truck off By running it into some niggers and painting it red You'll all be dead That's what Moonman said

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