"Niggerz Bop" is Moon Man's cover of the song of the same name, which he has sometimes used as an intermission in his live shows. Moon Man's version appears on Singles: Volume 1.

Lyrics Edit

Live is like a nigger Here in Old Nigs I hate fucking niggers Niggers suck dick

They're all poor like Obama Fuck Michelle Obama

Niggers I hate them They are stupid and they can't do taxes Niggers I hate them Niggers are so dumb and they are also poor Niggers

Look at niggers, they're trying to raise money But they can't 'cause they spend all their money They're niggers and they're so fucking niggers

I hate them Nigger-nig-niggers don't know how to do anything Without chicken Niggers like watermelon and chicken Niggers Niggers are so stupid and they're niggers Woo woo Niggas

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