Naomi is a fictional character from the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men. The youngest daughter of housekeeper Berta, she is played by actress Sara Rue,[1] and was created by Chuck Lorre. Naomi appears in two episodes during Season 4. At the end of her first episode, she gives birth to daughter Brittany-Pam.


At the beginning of the episode "Repeated Blows to His Unformed Head", Naomi shows up at the doorstep of Charlie and Alan Harper. Naomi is visibly pregnant, and as Alan answers the door, he automatically believes that she was another of Charlie's conquests. Berta explains that it's actually her youngest daughter Naomi, the "light of my life," and "a little angel who swooped down from Heaven and landed on a married man's penis." The married man Berta was referring to is Ronald Wiedermeier, a drug dealer/meth-lab operator who resides in the decrepit Los Angeles area neighborhood known as Rancho Pacoima. Berta orders Naomi to "get to work" right away; she needs to carry herself with dignity and learn to make her own way in life to support herself and her child. As Alan watches her, he reveals his secret fetish for pregnant women and follows her around helping her with the housework, later he rubs her belly. Meanwhile, Charlie finds Berta crying in his ensuite bathroom because she's so disappointed that Naomi, the smartest of her kids, screwed up this badly. Charlie comforts Berta, but it backfires: she drags him out to Rancho Pacoima to confront Ronald. When they return to Charlie's house, they find Alan coaching Naomi through labor. The episode ends at the hospital, with Naomi counting back the weeks and deciding that Ronald can't be the father after all; they had been together at a burn unit and his skin kept sliding off. Berta tells Naomi that she got $4000 from Ronald for her and the baby...but she had actually gotten $5000 and was keeping $1000 for herself.[2]

In the episode "Castrating Sheep in Montana", Charlie finds Berta sprawled on his bed because she's upset that she has to take care of Naomi's daughter, Brittany-Pam, while Naomi is out messing around with some guy. Meanwhile, Alan tells Charlie that he's been dating someonel. It turns out that Alan is seeing Naomi. Alan worries about how Berta will take this news, and when Naomi shows up at Charlie's, the couple pretends they don't remember each other. But Berta finally discovers that Alan and Naomi have been running around together and welcomes him into the family, showering her best-ever potential son-in-law with treats. When Alan has a change of heart about the relationship, Charlie advises him to let it run its natural course. Naomi makes Alan invite the Harpers over for a family dinner at Berta's, at which point Evelyn decides to "cut Alan loose". Brittany-Pam's natural father, Hector, shows up at Berta's during the dinner, to Berta and Naomi's dismay, Alan sees this as his chance to get out of the relationship and proposes "a toast, to Hector and Naomi!" Naomi makes no further appearances and it's presumed that she and Brittany-Pam are with Hector.[3]


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