Natalie Cook is a fictional character portrayed by Cameron Diaz in the films Charlie's Angels and Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.


This blonde with piercing blue eyes is optimistic, starry-eyed and somewhat goofy. A deceptively-brilliant blusher, Natalie is oblivious to the fact that she looks like a supermodel, and has no idea of her charisma. She is seen at times to be the leader of the group and is a fun-loving, cheerful character.

Her mother was a veterinarian specializing in large animals, which she has inherited; her father was the author/editor of The Cook Anthology of Science Fiction. Natalie was the class nerd, complete with a Princess Leia honeybun hairdo, glasses, and a mouthful of braces. She got her Ph.D. from MIT — by correspondence. She’s worked as a research scientist at the Swedish National Academy, a U.S. Navy test pilot, and a Lincoln-Mercury spokes-model. Natalie has a passion for anything on wheels. She was the school mascot and with her bright, bubby personality, she loves to laugh.

She’s brilliant at road racing, helicopter piloting, and motocross. Her favorite song is "Soul Man." Natalie resides in a little white bungalow on a canal in Fresno, California with her boyfriend Peter Kominsky (Luke Wilson). She drives a red Ferrari Modena,[1] license plate number 924-WNP. Natalie loves to dance and she’s extremely proficient in kung fu and several other martial arts, as are fellow Angels Dylan Sanders and Alex Munday.


Dressed in her lethal high heels, leather tight pants and loosely laced tops, Natalie Cook is always drop dead sexy. For Natalie, as a gushy and giggly Angel, her style was aimed to create an energetic and cute all-American girl look. In Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, she is seen in Spider-Man panties. Joseph Aulisi the costume designer for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle would design her outfits that include hippie denim pants with bright red cut off the shoulder top. She always had her two cute babyish ponytails like the one in the first scene of the movie. Cameron Diaz is wearing a white snow outfit; this Arctic look came from the traditional styles of Lapland and Finland.

Covers and techniquesEdit

Natalie is extremely proficient in kung fu and several other martial arts, as are fellow Angels Dylan and Alex and has a passion for anything on wheels. She’s brilliant at road racing, helicopter piloting, and motocross. Put her behind a vehicle that moves fast and she is up for the challenge to be the leader. Car, bike, surfboard - you name it, she's up for the heat. She'll even risk a little unknown territory if it means reaching the goal. And of course as all the Angels, she is a master in disguise. She never uses guns but she is extremely sporty. She is also exceptionally clever and is good at cracking codes.


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