Based in Seoul, South Korea, NateGames develops gaming applications for the iPhone and other smartphone platforms. NateGames is the branded game publishing division of SK Telecom[1], South Korea’s largest mobile carrier. Founded in 2000, NateGames has launched over 300 gaming titles every year.[2] NateGames was the maker of the first downloadable WAP-based game for mobile phones, and has since expanded their portfolio using the latest mobile technology.

iPhone DevelopmentEdit

NateGames has produced numerous game titles for the iPhone platform. [3] These titles include board games, adventure, simulations, sports and puzzle games. NateGames most recent release, Great Tank War, was chosen as a “New & Noteworthy” app on the iTunes App Store[4]. Great Tank War is a fully 3-D arcade-style action game, which features historically accurate weaponry and in-game scenarios. The game’s intuitive controls and rich game play has attracted a following of casual and hard-core gamers alike.[5]

iPhone App Titles:Edit

  • Great Tank War
  • Chronicle of Zic
  • Saving My Hero
  • Pro Golf
  • Grand Par Golf
  • Escape the Room
  • Puzzle Bee
  • Star Pinball
  • Run or Die
  • World Runner –Dice of Destiny
  • Cosmic Star
  • Step by Step
  • Independence
  • Rhythm Station
  • Mystery: Gallery Homicide
  • 2010 Chess Tournament
  • A-Yo Sushi Master
  • Soul Card Master
  • Guardian Soul
  • Brain Up!
  • 2010 Mahjong
  • Mighty Dog

External Links:Edit

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