This article is about a fictional alien species. "Nebari" is also a Japanese term for the root-flare or butress at the base of a bonsai tree; please see Bonsai.

Chiana, a female Nebari

Male Nebari revised

A male Nebari

The Nebari are a fictional alien race in the Farscape universe.

Nebari are humanoid in form, with grey skin and black hair (in males) or white hair (in females). Their skin is also immune to solar radiation. Nebari blood is blue in colour. A small number of Nebari are natural hermaphrodites; the Nebari term for one is "androgyne." Being inherently incapable of conforming, androgynes are social exiles.

On their home planet, conformity is enforced by The Establishment. Young Nebari are tested and placed into a position in society based on their abilities, and are expected to conform. Nebari failing to conform to these strict controls are "stabilized" or "mind-cleansed" to fit in. There are two types of mind-cleansing: The first is permanent (except in isolated cases), but takes cycles (years) to complete. The second is temporary, chemical-induced, and can be quickly applied, but does not work on all species; Nebari are immune to it, as are Pilot's species, and species such as Hynerians are affected for only a short time before their quick metabolisms rid their bodies of the drug. The Nebari Establishment claims to be acting for the "greater good" of everyone involved.

Few details are known of Nebari military capabilities, but they are believed to have destroyed the Zelbinion, a near-legendary Peacekeeper warship. The Nebari Establishment also deliberately infected many of their own dissatisfied citizens with a delayed-action, sexually transmitted biological agent and then gave them exit visas in the hopes that they would spread the disease around the galaxy. At some future time when the Establishment intentionally activates the contagion, it is designed to render infected individuals docile and obedient, thus smoothing the way for the Establishment's expansion.

There is a revolutionary front in operation on the Nebari homeworld.

The most commonly seen Nebari on the show was regular Chiana. Apart from Chiana, Nebari appeared in the first season episode "Durka Returns," the second season episode "A Clockwork Nebari," and the third season episode "Fractures." Most of the information about Nebari homeworld culture is conveyed in "A Clockwork Nebari."

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