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The Story of Arthas Menethil

Arthas Menethil was the crown prince of Lordearon, after the second war, it was his job to defend the kingdom with the Silverhand, an orginazation of Paladins led by Uther Lightbringer, they were the kingdoms Elite force. Arthas's father Terenas Menethil, made Uther accept Arthas into the Silverhand at a young age so he could become a well-rounded fighter young. Uther Trained him, but did not want to train him, for it was a forced act and he was not promoted into the Silverhand. Overtime Uther and Arthas became friends, Uther never gave out any problem with Arthas, for the longest time. They had fought side by side and defeated many orcs together. They destroyed the last of the orcs on the Northern Kingdoms, who tried to bring about demons but were unsuccesful. Strange happenings started up in the kingdom, so Arthas went with his trusted mage friend from Dalaran, Jaina Proundmoore, To check it out. Arthas and Jaina found out that the dead were coming back to life and were killing off the villagers, and infecting the foods, with their leader Mal'ganis at the time. To ensure that the villagers could not become mindless dead as Mal'ganis wanted it to, Arthas killed his own people. Mal'ganis fled to the icy relm of Northrend and Arthas followed. While there, Arthas found his good friend Muradin Bronzebeard Crown Prince of the Dwarves. They joined together to defeat Mal'ganis, but Neither was strong enough. Muradin told Arthas he came to Northrend searching for the legendary sword "Frostmourne". They went looking for it and found it in a hidden cave. As Arthas was pulling out the sword Muradin warned him of the Curse Scripted on the Sword. Arthas wanted to save his people and took the sword anyways, Muradin died from ice shards that were thrown out. Arthas did not care too much. He defeated Mal'ganis and went back to Lordaeron. He was being Corrupted by Frostmourne, and killed his father to become king. The lands got corrupted and there was no hope for the Humans. Arthas became the new leader of the Assault on Lordearon.

Arthas Undead

Arthas became completely mad with power, he raised an army of dead, and had to revive a great Lich he once killed Kel'Thuzad. Kel'Thuzad could only be resurrected if his ashes were brought to the Sunwell in Silvermoon, Having to kill Uther Lightbringer for them. Arthas and Kel'Thuzad became powerful together and defeat the High Elves, Dalaran, and Lordaeron. They Summoned the Great demon Lord Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden, Creators of the Scourge and Ner'zhul. Together they ruled what they could at the time. Archimonde went with the demons and undead to the World tree Nordrasil, In Kalimdor, Homeland of the Night Elves, He made it to the tree but was trapped and killed. Arthas was Called Back to Northrend to get to Ner'zhul, for they were both losing power. Arthas Made it to Northrend leaving Kel'thuzad in charge of the scourge on Loradaeron. Arthas met up with the leader of the Nerubians, Anu'barak. They fought through Blood Elves, (the remainder of the High Elves) and Naga to get to Ner'zhul. Arthas and Anu'barak went through a secret passage filled with the last of Muradins Dwarves, And Faceless ones to end up fighting the Forgotten One. They Made it to the bottom part of Ner'zhul, but had to control all four bridges in order to get to Ner'zhul. Illidan had to Destroy Ner'Zhul so that Kil'Jaeden could rule over the scourge, but in failure Arthas destroyed Illidan's Naga, Vashj's naga, and Kael's Blood Elves. As Arthas was crossing the bridge to the Icecrown Citadel, Illidan came trying to stop Arthas, but was not strong enough and with a great Slash Arthas killed him, (but blizzard fans liked Illidan too much and he came back in W.o.W somehow which is just terrible, because even if he was just wounded, he would have had to have gone through Northrend past all the scourge and monsters in the shadows to get on a boat and away, and also, wtf is with Rexxar being on a mountain in Outland, I mean come on really, he got past Stormwind and the Illidari to a giant mountain, how did he even get to the Eastern Kingdoms, its just bullcrap and makes no sense) so thats like the end of this little rant, but um, i will be adding more stuff soon when i feel like it because I have not played W.o.W too much ever and I kinda get all my info from my friend so after I talk to him there will be more on here about the story of Arthas after Warcraft 3.

Death of a King -- exposition by Chaff

There is a Twisting Nether located in the Menethil Vineyards which leads directly to Old Ironforge. I've found numerous ways to enter this forbidden place, and to claim it doesn't exist is preposterous. The author of this work shows authority to claim it's necessity and I can validate it's existence if needed. Don't quote me on any facts yet but to simply destroy a good claim because it lacks validity is absurd. I've been to Old Ironforge and explored the chasms there very closely. It was here that I first summoned the nefarion. My intention is not to prove or disprove anything but to simply preserve it's history. The challenge to have this article removed is a perfect example of somebody that know's nothing of the legends. I suggest that person head to the library in Scarlet Monastery to read some of the books before starting a challenge that will see good information deleted while shooting down a solid hypothesis that will open the door to a new adventure. The challenger claims to have rarely played Warcraft III and that the majority of that knowledge has been passed along via friends. What if that friend is wrong? Does that mean there is no right to publish histories? I propose we study this subject further. The history of Ner'zhul is very important to the claim on the Throne and to my personal search for the dagger Arthas used to kill his father. If Arthas killed his father than by all means Lady Proundmoore's son is the rightful heir; even if she is a witch. Talk is the basis of folklore, stories are the basic staple of legends. They are hard to prove or disprove when the knowledge has been erased.

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