Neronga (ネロンガ Neronga?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. The kaiju was made from the 1965 Baragon.

Subtitle: Transparency Monster (透明怪獣 Tōmei Kaijū?).

Ultraman Edit


Hiding underneath an old well, Neronga awoke when two friends of the Science Patrol ran into his eye. Bellowing in hunger, the invisible monster emerged form underground, and headed for a nearby power plant to drain the energy. Soon, the Science Patrol is called in to locate the monster. On arrival, Neronga was found attacking a transition station, feeding on more electric energy. As it fed, it became visible, and the Science Patrol began to open fire with their lasers, only angering the beast, who struck back with a beam of electricity. The crew survived, but Nergona escaped, looking for more energy. But the Science Patrol predicted were he would strike next, and attacked once more, forcing the monster to become visible. The monster was seemingly destroyed, but soon, Neronga emerged from a hill with a huge ship in hand and tossed it to the ground, and then opens fire with his electric beam. Neronga soon destroys the entire plant, but one of the Science Patrol members manage to blow out one of Neronga's eyes. Hayata then uses the Beat Capsule, and becomes Ultraman. Ultraman manhandles the beast, beating him like crazy, but Neronga still fought back. Before long, Ultraman tossed the monster into the air, and finished it with the Specium Ray.

Stats Edit

His height is around 45 Meters tall. He weighs around 40,000 Tons.

Powers Edit

Electrical Beam

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Edit

This monster reappeared in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

The monsters Gudon and Neronga appeared during a sunset on a windy day. The two were locked in battle, with Gudon holding the advantage. It used its whip arms to mercilessly beat Neronga's face. The fight was completely one-sided, until Neronga vanished into thin air. Gudon, perplexed and angered by his enemy's disappearance, was suddenly struck by large lighting bolts. Neroga didn't vanish; it turned invisible. A few shots managed to down the beast once and for all, and Neronga claimed its prize; electricity from a nearby radio station. The monster lurked around ZAP SPACY's airship for a while before Rei ran out to find it. It eventually became visible again, and Rei released Gomora to fight it. Like the battle with Gudon, Neronga was easily overpowered, but it used the same Hit and Run tactic as before; it pelted Gomora with electric bolts while remaining transparent. Rei aided Gomora in locating the hidden monster by sensing its presence, and Gomora was able to ram into Neronga with his horn. Letting loose with his Super Oscillatory Wave, Gomora sent the blast through Neronga's body and destroyed him in the process. However, when the monster Bullton appeared before ZAP SPACY, Neronga was revived alongside Red King and Telesdon. All three fought with Gomora and Litra. While Telesdon fought Litora, he accidentally killed Neronga with his flame breath. Bullton was destroyed by ZAP SPACY shortly after, and Telesdon and Red King were both eventually killed by Gomora's Super Oscillatory Wave, this time for good.


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