The first season of the Never Not Funny podcast featured 60 episodes and was first broadcasted April 7, 2006. The core lineup was Jimmy Pardo, Mike Schmidt and Matt Belknap with occasional guests from the Los Angeles and Chicago comedy scenes. All 60 episodes were initially free and can now be purchased individually or as a whole season at[1].

The Lost EpisodesEdit

Episodes one and two were quickly taken out of the podcast feed as all three hosts were unhappy with the quality of the content. Later they were condensed and edited together as a clip show, episode 117. They are currently available as part of the complete Season 1 package, but not as individual downloads.[2]

The Best of Never Not Funny, Volume OneEdit

Midway through season 1 a compilation was made from stories from the first 20 episodes[3]. It was released as Never Not Funny: Volume One, on AST Records. It also featured the full length version of the theme song, "Mad At The World," by Pardo's longtime friend Daver. It is currently the only best-of volume.

Season 1 EpisodesEdit

# Date Episode Title Notes
101 April 7, 2006 Jimmy discusses the start of his new "Pardcast" with producer Matt and fellow comedian Mike Schmidt. The show was called "Running Your Trap: The Pardcast."
102 April 14, 2006 Jimmy talks with Mike Schmidt & Producer Matt about their celebrity crushes.
103 April 21, 2006 Jimmy talks to Matt and Mike about dealing with fame.
104 April 28, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt are joined by TV Host and comedian Paul Gilmartin to discuss the important topics of drugs, politics and tribute bands.
105 May 5, 2006 Jimmy talks with Mike and Matt about his week in Vegas.
106 May 12, 2006 Jimmy talks with Mike and Matt about his days in a rock and roll band.
107 May 19, 2006 Jimmy talks with Mike & Matt about his constant need to apologize.
108 May 26, 2006 Jimmy, Mike & Matt are joined by comedian/writer Pat Francis and talk about the times they got into fist fights.
109 June 2, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt answer listener emails.
110 June 9, 2006 Jimmy talks with Mike and Matt about sports injuries and ghosts.
111 June 16, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss Boy Scouts, BB guns and The Banana Splits.
112 June 23, 2006 Jimmy and the guys are joined by writer/actor Scott Aukerman to discuss fast food, home buying and the benefits of sitting in first class.
113 June 30, 2006 Jimmy, Matt and Mike discuss rock 'n roll concerts.
114 July 7, 2006 Jimmy hears about the time Mike and Matt met Robin Williams.
115 July 14, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt take on haircuts, shaving and dental floss.
116 July 21, 2006 Jimmy and the gang are joined by comedian/TV host Graham Elwood to discuss his hippie way of life.
117 July 29, 2006 Jimmy is out of town, so producer Matt hosts a look back at some moments from what the guys call the "The Lost Episodes" of Never Not Funny, episodes 1 and 2.
118 August 4, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss birthday week.
119 August 11, 2006 Jimmy and the gang talk about a couple of things.
120 August 18, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt welcome the return of Paul Gilmartin.
121 August 25, 2006 Jimmy talks with Mike and Matt about TV, musicals and school rings.
122 September 1, 2006 Jimmy and "The Gang Of Two" discuss softball, writing and believe it or!
123 September 8, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss the benefits of the gym and alone time.
124 September 15, 2006 The guys welcome comedian, TV Host and sometime caddy Mike Siegel to the show.
125 September 22, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt talk about comedy legends.
126 September 29, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss martial arts.
127 October 6, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss road gigs and hay rides.
128 October 13, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt are joined by comedian Paul F. Tompkins and discuss roommates and cookies.
129 October 20, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt take on no less than ten different topics!
130 October 27, 2006 The guys celebrate their thirtieth episode with a live show from the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles.The first live show and the premiere of the "Mad At The World" theme song.
131 November 3, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss Halloween.
132 November 10, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt welcome comedian/writer Danielle Koenig to the show.
133 November 17, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt deal with blogging.
134 November 24, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss Thanksgiving, soap operas and waiting in line.
135 December 1, 2006 Jimmy, Mike and Matt discuss computers, caddying and Kotter!
136 December 8, 2006 The guys are joined by comedian Todd Glass.
137 December 15, 2006 The guys discuss their run-ins with the law.
138 December 22, 2006 The Christmas Episode.
139 December 29, 2006 A year end review of things that don't matter.
140 January 5, 2007 The return of Pat Francis!
141 January 12, 2007 Soaps, Lotions and Grease...oh my!
142 January 19, 2007 What Are You Doing Here?
143 January 26, 2007 Will The Wolf Survive?
144 February 2, 2007 The guys are joined by comedian Jimmy Dore.
145 February 9, 2007 Look, it's a helicopter!
146 February 16, 2007 I'm On Fire.
147 February 23, 2007 Pull It Over!
148 March 2, 2007 TV Host and Comedian Bil Dwyer joins the guys.
149 March 9, 2007 Still The Same.
150 March 16, 2007 We're Halfway There!
151 March 23, 2007 Lights Out! A-ha, Blast, Blast, Blast!
152 March 30, 2007 Writer/Director Pete Schwaba joins the guys.
153 April 6, 2007 Rock Kills Kid
154 April 13, 2007 The Thin Ice
155 April 20, 2007 NNF Comes Alive!The second live episode.
156 April 27, 2007 Writer/Performer Scott Aukerman returns.
157 May 4, 2007 Movin' On Up
158 May 11, 2007 Cold Dip? Cold Dip? Three Cold Dips.
159 May 18, 2007 Very Quick Sidebar.The last episode to feature co-host Mike Schmidt.
160 May 25, 2007 Continuum

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