New Zealand in 2020 Edit

New Zealand in 2020 is the bid for the 78th WorldCon to be held in New Zealand (Aotearoa). The website can be found at New Zealand in 2020 Announced at the 30th New Zealand National Science Fiction Convention Au Contraire the bidding Committee is Chaired by well know New Zealand fan Norman Cates with the committee comprising Norman Cates, Kevin Maclean, Maree Pavletich, Lynelle Howell, Malcolm Fletcher, Louise McCully, Struan Judd, Daphne Lawless, Andrew Ivamy, James Shields and René Walling

Venue Edit

While it is still 8 years before the bid occurs, Auckland, Wellington & Rotorua have been mentioned as possible venue cities

Convention Highlights Edit

Among the convention highlights will be the awarding of the Hugo Awards, Masquerade and Kaffeeklatches where fans can meet with Authors on a more intimate level.

New Zealand in 2020 was in attendance at AussieCon 4 and have 250+ pre-supporting memberships for their bid.

Further reading Edit

There is a [1]

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