Newlygreens is a cable access television show, a radio show/podcast and a website focused on healthy, sensible living. Created, produced and hosted by husband and wife team Connie and Greg Mattison, the television show chronicles their ongoing journey towards carbon neutrality and healthier, more considered lifestyles.

Background Edit

Television Edit

Originally called Green By Design, the Newlygreens television show is broadcast on over 100[1] different cable access television channels, most of them in New Jersey. Connie and Greg were interviewed about the show in 2007 on EcoTalk[2], a radio show airing on San Francisco’s KCBS 740 AM and Air America Radio.

Topics Edit

Episodes of the series vary in content, but most highlight the actions of New Jersey businesses and institutions for their various eco-friendly policies, products, upgrades and procedures.

Past episode subjects include home energy audits[3], eco-friendly automobiles[4] and alternative fuels, CSAs (Community-supported agriculture), and eco-friendly fashion.

Featured organizations Edit

Some organizations that have been featured on the show include the Summerfield School[5] in Neptune, New Jersey; Salon Rocks, an eco-friendly hair salon in Englewood, New Jersey; Wayne Auto Spa[6], an eco-friendly car wash located in Wayne, New Jersey; a West Orange, New Jersey branch of Whole Foods Market<ref</ref>[7]; the town of Montclair[8]; Upper Meadows Farm[9], a Community-Supported Agriculture farm in Montague, New Jersey; the Prout Funeral Home[10], a solar-powered New Jersey funeral home; the Atlantic County Utilities Authority's wind farm[11] in Atlantic County, New Jersey; and the 2008 PSE&G Global Green Expo[12] in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, of which they were also exhibitors[13].

Radio Edit

Newlygreens on the Radio began in 2008 as a weekly segment airing on Thursdays on WPSC's "Morning Blend", a drive-time morning talk and comedy show. Greg Mattison was featured as a special guest on the "Morning Blend" initially, but over time he became a co-host on the Thursday broadcasts. Eventually, Connie joined as co-host and the segment became "Newlygreens on the Morning Blend".

In the Spring of 2010, the "Morning Blend" went on hiatus, but the Newlygreens segment continued, now complete with former Morning Blend host Risa Pappas, as "Newlygreens on the Radio". The weekly hour-long show airs on Thursday mornings at 8am on WPSC and podcasts become available for download the same day.

Structure Edit

The current incarnation of the show consists of three segments[14]: "Reusable News", Interview/Feature and "Greensprouts".

Reusable News Edit

"Reusable News" is a segment discussing recent national and world news headlines having to do with sustainability, the environment, animals, animal rights, the actions of "green" organizations, eco-friendly inventions, public policy and climate change.

Greensprouts Edit

"Greensprouts" is a do-it-yourself segment. The hosts compile easy-to-impliment tips and strategies for saving money or making less of an impact on the environment.

Interviews Edit

Each week, the hosts speak to experts from various industries directly or indirectly involved in "green" issues, actions, initiatives and services. Some of their past interviews have been with representatives of the following organizations, Green America, Back2Tap, Zoe and Zac Shoes, ECHOage, Eco Green Crafts[15], One Common Purpose, Greater Newark Conservancy[16], Marcal, the Green Party, Climax Global Energy, Climate Mama, New Belgium Brewing Company, the Climate Project, Green Living Solutions, Reverse Trick-or-Treating[17] and Project Porchlight[18].

They have also interviewed the makers of two movies, "Unlimited" and "Within Reach" - a documentary about two young people who bike-pack across the country using only solar and self-made electrical power to keep themselves going.

Notable people interviewed include Larry Schweiger, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Wildlife Federation, "Sustainable Dave"[19] - the man who lived with his own trash for an entire year, Peter Sinclair - creator of the Youtube video series "Climate Denial Crock of the Week" and Sophie Uliano - author of the book "Gorgeously Green[20]".

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