News Series 2000 Plus is a television news music package composed by American musician Frank Gari. This package was based on an alternate version of the News Series 2000 package. This package was made after Lalo Schifrin, who composed the "Tar Sequence" score from the soundtrack of the 1967 movie Cool Hand Luke, demanded an increase in royalties, causing the Cool Hand Luke theme and News Series 2000 package to be phased out from use in the early 1990s. Most of the updated themes from News Series 2000 were recomposed into the News Series 2000 Plus package by changing the instrumentation, avoiding any melodic elements of the Tar Sequence score.

WLS-TV in Chicago was the first station to commission custom themes from this package in September 1992, and the station continues to use the same music to this day. In 2001, Gari composed WLS's current morning theme by incorporating this package's signature into the First News package. Before that, the station continued to use a morning theme from the News Series 2000 package. Currently, WLS-TV has used the same music package longer than any other station in the city of Chicago.

Stations that used or have used News Series 2000 PlusEdit

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Other Notes
3. Chicago, Illinois WLS-TV ABC 1992-Present The first station to commission a custom-made package in 1992.
6. San Francisco, California KGO-TV ABC 1992-1994
10. Houston, Texas KTRK-TV ABC 1998-2000
11. Detroit, Michigan WXYZ-TV ABC 1992-1996
13. Tampa, Florida WTSP-TV CBS, formerly ABC 1994-1999 Debuted with new set, new graphics and a 5:30pm newscast
27. San Diego, California KFMB-TV CBS Date unknown-1996
28. Raleigh, North Carolina / Durham, North Carolina WTVD-TV ABC, formerly CBS 1993-1995
68. Tucson, Arizona KVOA-TV NBC 1998-1999
70. Green Bay, Wisconsin WLUK-TV Fox, formerly NBC 1990-1995
71. Des Moines, Iowa WOI-TV ABC 2006-present
106. Lincoln, Nebraska KLKN-TV ABC 2007-present Commissioned along Eyewitness News
114. Lansing, Michigan WLAJ-TV ABC 1992-1996 Rebroadcasted WXYZ-TV's newscasts
134. Wilmington, North Carolina WECT-TV NBC 1994-2001
159. Wheeling, West Virginia WTOV-TV NBC 1998-2000

Other clientsEdit

  • Hong Kong Cable News: used the package as its main theme from 1993-2002; used one cut for its traffic updates (until 2006). And once again uses the package as its main theme (daily) and traffic updates (during Saturday morning only) from 3 March, 2009.

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