Directed by Gary Rydstrom
Produced by Richard Hollander
Gary Rydstrom
Executive producer:
John Lasseter
Written by Gary Rydstrom
Leslie Caveny
Music by Michael Giacchino
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s) On hold
Country United States
Language English

Newt is a proposed computer-animated 3-D film that was going to be produced by Pixar Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.[1] Initially slated for release in June 2012, Disney/Pixar announced in April 2010 that the film Brave would instead be released at that time.


Two newts, Newt and Brooke, live in a community college biology lab and don't care for each other, yet as the last remaining blue-footed newts on the planet, they are forced to mate and carry on the tradition.

Writer and director Gary Rydstrom explained, "Newt is smart but he's never had to think for himself and is pampered. Brooke on the other hand is streetwise and not to be messed with. It’s fair to say it’s about as bad as first dates can get!"[2] The film is possibly on hold.


When Newt was first announced in April 2008, the film was planned to be released in June 2012, to be followed by the fantasy film The Bear and the Bow.[1] Two years later, Disney/Pixar announced that, instead, The Bear and the Bow would be released first, under the new name Brave, with a sequel to the 2001 Pixar feature Monsters, Inc. following later that year.[3] At the April 2010 announcement, Disney/Pixar did not provide an updated release date for Newt.


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