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Nick Nichols (bn. Alexander Nicoloff) (aka Nick Nicholson, Daniel Nicholson, Nick Nickelson) was a Canadian film and television actor and voice artist best known for playing Captain Malachev in The New Avengers and for supplying the voice of the Pig General in The Raccoons and the Lost Star.


Nichols appeared in television shows, specials and series, and in movies such as King of Kensington, Bedroom Eyes, Dead Ringers, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, Homecoming, Diamonds, Night Heat, The Last Polka, The Young Riders, Head On and Whodunit. He also supplied the voice of Borderguard in Nelvana's first feature-length film Rock & Rule, Buttons McBoomBoom and Rex 'Bowzer' Pointer in C.O.P.S. and Pig One and additional characters in The Raccoons.

Nichols' final episode of The Raccoons was the Season 5 episode Moving In!. He was then replaced by Keith Hampshire when he suffered from his illness (and subsequent death).

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