"Night Pride" is song that Moon Man recorded for The Lunatic album. It was produced by whitekkknight, who created the original beat.

Lyrics Edit

By the light of the Moon I will smite a coon My nine spells out doom You will all be wiped out soon Birdshot and some slugs For every wannabe thug A grave will be dug If your skin looks like mud You might have had a chance to run If your fucking pants were up I must prevent the West from falling Better get the TEC and get balling Bitch I'm about to go all in Won't stop till my body count up with Stalin I love killing niggers more than jews Love to count money every morning After breakfast I'm running out hunting Fat black bitches they wish they could outrun me I let the sheboons try, because it's so fucking funny Niggers love forties, I give them .44s Riding through the projects Shooting dindus door to door Get the TEC with me, extended clips And I give them even more White Pride shines through moonlight As I kill dindus tonight

That's what I'm fighting for That's what I'm fighting for

KKKKKKKKK Moonman, yeah I'm the Moonman Sick of spics jews and coons, man Pakis gooks and faggots too, Dan Yeah represent that Moon Klan Fuck you niggers, fuck them all Pop my glock at Donda, Laquanda, and Jamal Filthy kikes, that is that shit I don't like Drive a spike through a jew's eye out of spite Drive-bys on every mudslime in sight Visions of lynchings dance in my head Won't stop until every jigaboo is dead I swear by the memory of Hitler I'll poison their chicken I'll put bleach in their liquor Won't stop until I've killed every nigger Burn the fucking remains And throw the ash down the shitter White Pride shines through moonlight As I kill dindus tonight R.I.P Hitler, you were the real list Shoutout to Dylann Roof Moonman out