Ninjor is a fictional villain from the Masters of the Universe franchise.

He is a member of the Evil Warriors, Ninjor is a ninja warrior, as indicated by his name, of Asian origin; or in the toy line's context, the Eternian equivalent of Asian. He wears a black veil over his head and torso, shielding his whole face apart from his eyes from view. He was armed with a katana, bow and nunchaku.

Character history Edit

Ninjor was introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in 1987. His action figure came packaged with the mini-comic "The Search for Keldor", in which he is summoned to Eternia by Skeletor using a magic spell to call forth two of the most evil beings from throughout space and time, the other is Scare Glow. Ninjor's key abilities are revealed to be his stealth and silence, a shadow warrior with the ability to launch attacks against his opponents unseen, springing upon them unexpectedly out of the shadows. His attack is foiled by Clamp Champ's super-senses, and he is subsequently beaten by He-Man.

Given that his figure was released in the toy line's later stages, Ninjor never appears in the line's accompanying cartoon series, which had been discontinued by this stage and he received generally minimal exposure throughout all media. A story that majorly features him is "Enter the Ninjor" in issue #11 of the UK Adventure Magazine. The story pairs him with Scare Glow as the two mount a series of silent attacks on He-Man and Fisto as they explore Viper Tower. Ninjor is not featured in the 2002 relaunch of the MOTU franchise, and is one of the lesser-known characters of the MOTU mythology.

Ninjor was featured in a live action performance in the 1985 Macy Thanksgiving Day parade.[1]

Related figure Edit

  • The idea of a martial artist had previously been used for another MOTU figure, the evil warrior Jitsu.


  • Topless Robot had negative comments about the character, putting it as number 8 on their top ten list of lamest fictional ninjas.[2]



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