Dungeons & Dragons creature
Alignment True Neutral
Type Fey
Source books
First appearance
Mythological origins Nixie (German)
Image image

A nixie is a fictional creature from the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. They are a form of a fey water spirit who safeguard freshwater pools and streams and tend to be reclusive and suspicious.

Physical Description Edit

Nixies resemble somewhat attractive humanoids with green skin and hair and webbed appendages. They are described as looking as though they are composed of water, bubbles and swamp foliage. Nixie are slim and comely and lightly scaled.

Society Edit

Nixies are goodly and peaceful creatures, but are also highly shy, reclusive, and suspicious. They are unforthcoming to those they don't trust, rarely leave their watery homes, and can be hostile when they need to be. Nixies desire friendship, and have the ability to charm others to become their friend. Occasionally a nixie will lure a human into the water, but they are usually more interested in company rather than drowning a visitor. Nixies love music, and make instruments from reeds on the banks of streams.

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