"No Blacks Tonight" is a Moon Man single produced by CoolStanley that appears on Singles: Volume 2 and on the deluxe edition of The Lunatic. Audrina Patridge has one antagonistic verse in the song, and Sun Man has one line, playing the role of a nigger shoe-shiner.

Lyrics Edit

Yo yo yo Moonman coming at you niggers Better watch out Or I'll pop a cap in your nigger asses

Hope you don't have glasses 'Cause I'll rip your eyes out too You filthy niggers Always smell like poo

My concerts sell out in a matter of minutes And no niggers ever come because they can't afford tickets KKK can I get a hey hey hey I said a KKK can I get a hey hey hey

[Audrina] Moonman, why do you speak this way? It's not good to be in the KKK

Shut up bitch, now make me a sandwich You hearing this shit? Bitches so disrespectful They don't understand it

Mac's been playing this piano since before you were born So listen lil niggers Before I deport you all back to Africa Where you belong

Well back in '86 I got my first piano lessons When I was playing this beauty The little nig nog tried to shine my shoes

I said "Back off nigger I don't want my shoes fucked up" He said

[Sunman] No sir, I insist

It got me really pissed And that's what started it

So there you go kiddies That's how I got my start No go away niggers Before I lynch you all and rip out your hearts

Oh shit My sandwich is ready Gotta go Peace

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