"No Blueprints, No Money" is a short skit that appears on The Heist. In it, Lil Negro Killa and his unnamed companion attempt to collaborate with Moon Man on his planned heist of the Universal Race Bank, but they have messed up and gotten the blueprints to Sun Man's house instead of to the bank, so Moon Man fires them from the job.

Lyrics Edit

[Lil Negro Killa] When will he be here?

[Lil Negro Killa's companion] Lil Negro Killa, can't you wait for a fucking second, please. [car pulling up] About fucking time.

[Moonman] Get in, dipshits. [in the car] Do you have the blueprints we need for the heist?

[Lil Negro Killa's companion] What blueprints?

[Moonman] The blueprints of the Universal Race Bank. Don't you fucking tell me that you haven't got the right fucking blueprints I need.

[Lil Negro Killa's companion] We only got blueprints of Sunman's house. Isn't that who you wanted to kill?

[Moonman] You don't have the right blueprints? Get the fuck out of here you faggots.

[in the rain]

[Lil Negro Killa's companion] Shit.

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