Nockers are a kith in the fictional world of darkness in the gameChangeling: The Dreaming role-playing game published by White Wolf Game Studio. Like each of the other kiths in Changeling, the nockers have two special abilities and a special flaw which serves to distinguish them from the other kiths. Nockers are able to forge chimera, that is imaginary objects which other changelings can see and use, and they also have a close affinity with machines, and can often intimidate any machine into working correctly simply by yelling at it. Despite their affinity for machines, the Nocker flaw states that anything they make will always have a small blemish or malfunction that they cannot remedy. Nockers are obsessed with perfection and get their name from their tendency to "knock" on things to check for defects. Given this, their inability to create a flawless machine is a constant source of frustration.

As well as their knack for machinery, nockers are known for swearing continuously. It is virtually impossible for them to prevent an endless stream of curses and blasphemy from issuing forth from their lips, which puts them at something of a social disadvantage. To Nockers, however, swearing can be considered an art form, and many Nockers pride themselves on their creative profanity. Nockers use their profanity and abrasive temperaments to "knock" their fellow Changelings as they "knock" their machines, testing them to see what their breaking points are.

Nockers are generally short and pale, with red spots on their noses and cheeks, white hair, and rows of small, sharp teeth. They favor complicated Victorian clothing, often decorated with swirls.

The kith is named after the Knockers from folklore, and refers to other faerie associated with technology such as gremlins.

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