The North American Confederacy (NAC) is a fictional government in the alternate history created by L. Neil Smith in the novel The Probability Broach and sequels. It is patterned on the Articles of Confederation, but with a much greater emphasis on individual freedom, almost anarchical. As of the "start" of The Probability Broach in 1986, the NAC consisted of the entire continent of North America as well as parts of Antarctica, and colonies on the Moon, Mars and the major asteroids.

The NAC was founded in 1893 with the merging of the US, Canada, Newfoundland, Alaska, Texas, California, and Mexico. Its first President was Benjamin Tucker.

The NAC is much more advanced in science and technology and much wealthier than our "original" Earth, implying the author's clearly held view that libertarianism would solve humanity's problems and make people happier. Smith makes no effort to conceal that the books are written with the overt purpose of promoting this political and ideological view.

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